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Experience a different kind of fitness training with our blend of HIIT, plyometric, bodyweight and box workouts. All of course include the unique Warrior Women twist. Combine fitness and self defence to take your fitness to the next level. Our routines are designed by Women for Women by a specialist team of personal trainers and […]

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Self Defence

Learn proven real life techniques from our all female team. Warrior Women can fight! They can defend themselves and those around them. Our fitness section will increase your speed, strength and endurance which will help you put these skills into practice. Lead instructor Jamie Mckagan has been practicing a variety of martial arts for over […]

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Warning – Being A Warrior Woman can have seriously good effects on your health. Give us 100% effort and we will turn you into a Warrior Woman – you will seriously be amazed at what you can achieve with our revolutionary programme. We can guarantee that you will be stronger, fitter, faster and tougher, yes […]

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Warrior Testimonials

  • Jamie’s sessions are by no means a walk in the park but we have to come back for more. She teaches useful martial arts techniques in intense fat busting sessions that always leave you feeling both powerful and truly worked out.

    Giorgia Ann
  • What an amazing group of friendly, strong and determined women you are. Really enjoyed the workout and will definitely be back regularly!

    Emma Hinds
  • Attended Warrior Women this morning – a fab fab class, really friendly – would thoroughly recommend!

    Angela Jasper
  • It doesn’t matter how much of a beginner you are or what level of fitness you have, this class is for anyone willing to turn up! And MMA is so much fun! I’ve never been more confident and also never been fitter!

    Melody Pixiewitch
  • Never has an hour passed so quickly!! The class was dynamic, challenging and fun all in the right measures. Cannot recommend highly enough. Can’t wait to do it again……..Thank You

    Karen Boom
  • Another amazing class on Saturday with karate moves and fitness. Definitely recommend this class if you are looking for fitness, defence and a great group of ladies of all abilities.

    Caroline Puygrenier
  • This is SO much more than just an exercise class. We build each other up and encourage one another into becoming the greatest versions of ourselves.

    Tracy Carroll
  • So good for us women to learn ! I’ve never done anything like this before but loved it, give it go. Thank you Jamie xx

    Suzanne Browne
  • I can’t recommend Warrior Women enough! I’ve absolutely loved every single part of the course which included learning fighting skills, defence skills and circuit exercises thrown in. I’ll definitely be continuing!

    Danielle Tinloi
  • These classes are fantastic, the workouts are great and you feel amazing afterwards. I loved it after my first class and still love it 3 months later. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone A good confidence boost too!

    Jessica Winstone-Adair

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About Us

Warrior Women is a fitness company designed to promote, support and help all women to achieve their full potential using the medium of exercise. We use a combination of HIIT, Bodyweight, Box and Plyometric training in our unique Warrior Women routines designed by women for women. Jamie Mckagan is our lead instructor and you will see her sweating along with you on the free videos and workouts from the 60 day plan. Jamie has been studying a range of martial arts for over ten years and has chosen some simple yet effective techniques to give you a solid grounding in self defence. You will find some free videos to give you an insight into what is on the 60 day plan.

At Warrior Women we fully support and believe in the power of the physical to manifest in the mental and work tirelessly to help anyone who comes to our door. It is unfortunate that even in the UK there are thousands of women experiencing sexism, bullying, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and being kept from achieving their full potential due to a variety of reasons. We strive through our fitness and self defence work to give women the confidence, belief and empowerment they need to make small but significant changes in their lives once they see what the are capable of. We are passionate about helping women and will be donating £5 to Woman’s Aid for every 60 day plan sold.





"Civilise the mind but make savage the body"