Personal Trainer,
Weight Management &
Nutrition Consultant,
Self Defence Specialist,
Animal & Nature Lover

My Mission

I want to help you feel fitter, healthier and more confident.
Over the last decade I have helped hundreds of women on their fitness journeys and learnt invaluable tools and tips along the way about how to get you the best most sustainable results possible and I want to give that all to you.
I am passionate about fitness and health and helping you is what drives me to keep going.
My workouts and programs bring all my experience and knowledge together and provide you with the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals. With a Warrior community of support you'll enjoy every step of the journey.

Where It Started
In a small martial arts club in Essex where I found my fitness, my confidence and my strength and realised just how important exercise is for both mental and physical wellness.
That initial training has never left me and even now I can still hear the words of one of my trainers ringing in my ears 'Just get on with it Jamie!' So I do, every day, I get on with the business of fitness of bringing fitness to as many people as I can so that you can experience the power that exercise has to transform your life

My Goals
To continue bringing the love and power of exercise to as many people as possible and if we can have fun along the way then it's even better. I have a particular interest in Womens health and wellness and as well as donating regularly to the national charity Women's Aid, I fundraise where possible and help spread awareness to help women and girls in this country and abroad and I would love every year for my fundraising to grow and grow and grow!

Jamie xxx

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