Warrior Women is a fitness company designed to promote, support and help all women to achieve their full potential using the medium of exercise. We use a combination of HIIT, Bodyweight, Box and Plyometric training in our unique Warrior Women routines designed by women for women. Jamie Mckagan is our lead instructor and you will see her sweating along with you on the free videos and workouts from the 60 day plan. Jamie has been studying a range of martial arts for over ten years and has chosen some simple yet effective techniques to give you a solid grounding in self defence. You will find some free videos to give you an insight into what is on the 60 day plan.

At Warrior Women we fully support and believe in the power of the physical to manifest in the mental and work tirelessly to help anyone who comes to our door. It is unfortunate that even in the UK there are thousands of women experiencing sexism, bullying, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and being kept from achieving their full potential due to a variety of reasons. We strive through our fitness and self defence work to give women the confidence, belief and empowerment they need to make small but significant changes in their lives once they see what the are capable of. We are passionate about helping women and will be donating £5 to Woman’s Aid for every 60 day plan sold.