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12 for 12

Start the New Year with our FREE Warrior Women steps challenge.  12,000 steps a day for 12 days.  You can walk round the house, round the garden, round the streets or take yourself off on a mini ramble and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings of Essex.  This is a great way to get yourself on track during the New year and we have all the motivation you need on our Facebook group and restrictions allowing you can partner up, group up, or go solo on some tried and tested walks.  All you need to do is click below and sign up - opens 27.12.20.  Challenge start date 9.1.21.

Warrior Rambles

Walk, walk, walk - we love to walk.  Walking really is one of the best activities you can schedule into your life.  Not only is it a great all over cardio and strength (lower body) workout but you get the benefits of fresh air and company.  Meet new friends, find new routes, increase stamina and endurance and have fun!  If you fancy being part of our Warrior Rambles drop us an email and we will add you into our group where you will find organised walks, routes and much more!



Bootcamp At Home

Coming Jan 2021 - check back for the deets peeps....

"One of the best experiences of my life"

Climbing Mt Snowden 2019 with Warrior Women....