Experience a different kind of fitness training with our blend of HIIT, plyometric, bodyweight and box workouts. All of course include the unique Warrior Women twist. Combine fitness and self defence to take your fitness to the next level.

Our routines are designed by Women for Women by a specialist team of personal trainers and martial arts practitioners.

Remember you can be fit or you can be fighting fit which one will you choose!

Plyometrics – these are the bad boys that are going significantly increase your explosiveness.

HIIT – the calorie destroyer – need we say more! And the best bit? You’ll keep on burning those suckers for hours after your workout has ended!

Bodyweight Strength – our routines are all about the strength and we love it. Stronger, bigger muscles are the order of the day and you’ll get them with us!

Warrior Box – there’s nothing like an upper body burner when you incorporate some punching into the mix. Good luck drying your hair afterwards!