Learn proven real life techniques from our all female team.

Warrior Women can fight! They can defend themselves and those around them. Our fitness section will increase your speed, strength and endurance which will help you put these skills into practice. Lead instructor Jamie Mckagan has been practicing a variety of martial arts for over ten years and will lead you through learning these techniques.

Basics strikes – Your chance to get rid of some aggression! Learn how to punch, kick, elbow and knee in a series of effective combinations and watch weekly as you get faster and more explosive.

Self Defence Techniques – Our videos will show simple yet effective self defence techniques which we believe can be performed by all women, even against a larger and stronger opponent. These techniques are drawn from a wide range of fighting styles from across the world. These include take downs, throws, strikes, chokes, groundwork and restraining holds as well as learning how to fall safely.

We train so that we can defend ourselves if we must but we never fight if we don’t have to.